Situated along Rifle Range Road to the south of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Rifle Range Nature Park is 66 hectares and serves as a green buffer to protect Bukit Timah Nature Reserve from edge effects and abutting developments. It enhances ecological connectivity and provides complementary habitats for the Nature Reserve’s biodiversity.

It is also Singapore’s first net positive energy nature park, with the energy harvested from the solar panels installed around the nature park exceeding the expected annual operational energy consumption of the site.

You can explore the nature park via a network of boardwalks and trails.

Highlights include:
Gliders Boardwalk (~411 m)
Forest Exploration Trail (~113 m)
Rambai Boardwalk (~535 m)
Colugo Trail (~582 m)
Banyan (~647 m) and Gaharu Trail (~842 m)
Quarry Wetland
Colugo Deck
Waterhen Hide

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